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Since 2015, SGH doo Tuzla has been on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a subsidiary of the company Franc Mont (Croatia). The company is primarily engaged in machine work with emphasis on ventilation, heating and cooling systems and air conditioning. The company currently has 50 employees, who are active in the country and abroad.

The company is active both on domestic and foreign markets, on the territory of Croatia, Russia and Algeria. Recently, our company has its own representative office in Germany, and we have been operating on this market as well.

The company is mainly focused on investments such as shopping centers, industrial facilities, hotels, hospitals, business buildings, special purpose facilities and facilities that require high standards and applications of new technologies. The knowledge, professionalism and capability of our team of engineers and installers, and the accompanying logistics have been proven on a large number of demanding projects in the country and abroad.

Clicking on the reference column or galleries will open all the objects on which we are currently engaged and all those who are already finished. Our projects we work on are, in addition to BiH markets,on demanding markets in Russia and Germany.

The company's vision and strategy is to develop business by strengthening the knowledge of the leading professional staff, improving the knowledge of our installers, and monitoring the latest trends within the business of our business. Cooperation with our investors, business partners and clients is at the highest level of business cooperation and is an important part of our business and vision for the future.